You are not your product's customer

Editor’s note: this essay tackles a problem my cofounders and I faced a few years ago during my time at Dribble. This conundrum is still prevalent for many founders today. Additionally, I am currently a digital marketer at GoCardless but remain an investor at Dribble.

When building your product, it’s natural for you to build it for yourself. I mean you are building this product to help with a problem you personally want to stamp out of existence, right? At least that’s the case for some.

So building the product for you as a customer is a great place to start.

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How To Run A Growth Experiment

In order to get the most out of your growth strategies, having a clear cut process in running growth experiments is paramount. As long as you approach this with some scientific methods - allowing any test to be analysed from a quantitative perspective - then you are on a good path. 

A simple scientific experiment outlined below can be found in any secondary school textbook.

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How to Prioritise Your Growth Strategy

As mentioned in my previous essay about the 19 channels for growth, I promised a follow-up piece on how to prioritise them.

The "bullseye" name and framework was coined by Justin Mares and Gabriel Weinberg due to the three-step approach in reaching bullseye and unlocking your growth. This approach helps you prioritise your growth startegy in a qualitative way that provides more insight than just picking a channel out of thin air. 

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Revision on "What I Did to Launch my iOS App"

Growth is very nuanced. There is a unique intersection between marketing, product and data where this field really gets interesting. It requires both creative and analytical capabilities to really succeed. My journey into this field began when cofounding my startup Dribble. In an early attempt to document this journey I wrote about how I launched my iOS app.

As mentioned in the previous post, the essay depicted the launch strategy I used, as well as being used as a content marketing campaign. Since hindsight is 20/20, I thought it best to look at both the launch strategy and the campaign in one go. 

I plan to tackle this revision by looking at the bigger campaign-picture, in terms of how I set the campaign goals, the user hypothesis, how i constructed the conversion funnel and the top-line performance, but also critique what parts of the launch strategy I'd adapt. 

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What I Did to Launch my iOS App in 2015 (un-edited)

I'm really glad I have a little extra time on my hands so I can really reflect on my career thus far. In doing so, I realised that it would be best to formally build out a small website to host all of my musings, learnings, experience, strategies, passions and theories on all things growth and user acquisition. 

Inspiration for this comes from my previous startup, Dribble, my cofounders Nick and Daniel, the team we hired, Seffa and co., my "mentor" Howard K and all the growth experts I learn from: Brian Balfour, Andrew Chen, Sean Ellis, Noah Kagen, Nir Eyal, Justin Mares, Gabriel Weinberg and so on...

Below is my first ever growth essay which I used to spearhead a content marketing campaign (across reddit, medium and others). This was post-launch so goal was to acquire users. I'll cover in more detail the goals of the campaign, the targeting hypothesis, how i constructed the conversion funnel and the campaign metrics in the following post. 

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